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Fanfiction Links
My Pages
Just a note... ALL of the fanfiction listed here is for Rurouni Kenshin! Mwaha! *cough* Anyways, most of it is Sano/Megumi pairing... I've put them all under catagories so you know what is what. ^^
My Fanfiction
Do You Believe In Me?

The heart of a hurt child, the story of a growing man, and the tale of a blossoming love all enfolded and entwined into the life of one struggling young man. Sagara Sanosuke finds himself drowning in the depths of his own soul. SanoMeg, some triangles.

The Scent of Autumn, the Feel of Winter

If Sano's the sun, Megumi's the moon. If Megumi’s the river, Sanosuke’s the wind. Enter and explore the Rooster and the Fox’s problematical relationship, of how two people so opposed, could so wonderfully fall in love. Series of oneshots! Make a request.

The Day It All Went Hideously Wrong

AAAAH! The morning after a party, Team Kenshin awakens to find that their genders have been reversed! Chaos will ensue! Contains insane, freakish randomness. Which means...it's worth reading!Yaay! [Oneshot]

(This is the fricking **WEIRDEST** thing you will EVER read!!! ><)

Revolution & Restoration

-ON HAITUS-In a land overtaken by shadow, a sky made of tears, a sea made of promises, and a kingdom fallen, a lost prince stricken by amnesia dives once more into the river of life. Mystery, drama, combat, angst, and love. KenKao SanoMeg AoMi AU
Jasmine's Fanfiction
Six Months In Heaven

[Chapter 8: Fragile] [Lemon warning] Do you believe in reincarnation? Have you ever thought of who you were in your past life? [SM]

Darling, You're Under Arrest!

Kamiya Kaoru, a young detective, gets an assignment to nab the modern Robin Hood, Battousai. Catching the hero of the night is not easy, and neither is winning the heart of her friendly neighbor, Himura Kenshin, but Kaoru is positive she can do it! AU

All That We Liver For

★Chapter 19!★ Set in Japan's feudal era. A princess, yearning for freedom. An Empress who hides a dark secret. A doctor, who's dreams are shattered. A broken soul, fighting for survival. All in the living hell known as the imperial palace. All pairings!


[Oneshot] Whoever said that graduation meant parting? A short, sweet story inspired by now defunct Japanese band ZONE's Sotsugyo, meaning Graduation. [Sanosuke♡Megumi]

Love Me, Doctor!

AU. Sagara Sanosuke, 24, doctor. Takani Megumi, 25, doctor. Throw in Seta Soujirou, 17, voluntary worker. Watch sparks fly at the hospital! For all those who like things sweet, sexy, and funny.

Love At Tokyo Tower

[EPILOGUE] She's waiting for love at Tokyo Tower. He isn't the one she's waiting for. A romantic winter love story inspired by too many Japanese dramas, set in the heart of modern Tokyo, bringing warmth and love to the hectic city. [Sanosuke♡Megumi]


[Oneshot] Even though I’ll probably be unable to pass it to you, I’ll write you a letter now. [SanosukeMegumi] Inspired by now defunct Japanese band ZONE's Boku no Tegami.

When I Was Almost Happy

[Sequel to LETTERS, One shot] Megumi finally picks up the courage to write...[SanosukeMegumi]

I Just Wish To

Final chapter in the Letters trilogy. Sanosuke receives her letter...and he replies. [Oneshot][SanosukeMegumi]
Random (But Good ^_~) Sano x Megumi Fiction
The Babysitter
starry night blue

When 15 year old Megumi takes up her first babysitting job for a 9 year old Sanosuke, she simply has no idea how this job is going to change her life...

Vicious Cycle

Megumi is leaving and Sanosuke doesn't handle it well. 'You look like an angel when you're not yelling at me.' [SxM, one shot]


This is a short look into the lives of soon to be husband Sano and soon to be mom Megumi on their way to a party. The happy couple meets a meddling courtesan in a gift store who has her eyes on Sano. Trouble ensues. Rated T just in case. SM Oneshot.

The Miscreant And The Wicked

AU. It started with loud music, followed by verbal fights and merciless flirting, then a deal was struck and insanity ensues. Follow Sano and Megumi as they go through a very complicated and dysfunctional plot.


OneShot MxS . A certain roosterhead seeks warmth during a rainy spring day.‘Megitsune! Isn’t just being your friend enough?’

Nurse Sanosuke

When Megumi suddenly falls sick, the tables turn when Sano agrees to take soup over to her to make her feel better. Can Sano nurse Megumi back to health? a SanoMegumi fun and fluffy story :

Who Knows What Women Want

[Songfic]If anyone knows what women want, it certainly won't be our Roostehead... [Sano&Meg]

Love is…
Lexi Teniro

Hey Megumi...what is love? [SanoxMeg drabble, rated for a certain tori atama's inability to keep his language clean]

Letting Go

Letting go of a person you love is never easy. It's even harder when the person you love doesn't even know you love them. SanoMegumi centered.
I Miss You
Silent Tears of Agony

Megumi receives a letter that will change her life forever. Oneshot.

(This one made me cry TT.TT *sob* It still does XD)
Read (and cry xD!)
Random Fanfics!!! (Other Pairings, Humor, ect)
The Moon Festival
The kimono writers

[OneShot] Kaoru is having trouble putting on a kimono for the annual summer moon festival she seeks the help from Sano, but only more trouble comes! Warnings: Swearing minor and maybe OOCness. R&R!

Magic of the Moon

Newly appointed leader of the Moon Clan, Kaoru eases effortlessly into her new role, not knowing what lay ahead of her. Even with Hikaru, her soulwolf, by her side, is she prepared to face her destiny? Is she ready to face Kenshin? Pairings: KK AM SM

The Way to His Heart

Tired of being treated like a little girl by Aoshi, Misao decides to try a new tactic on him. They do say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but somehow this recipe gets a little mixed up. Sano, Misao, Aoshi, Omasu and Hiko star!

A Job For Sanosuke
Shirou Shinjin
Sano owes Tae money... lots of money... a truly frightening amount of money. So what happens when Tae decides to call Sano's tab in? More importantly: will Sano survive a day as Tae's pet slave? Completed!


My first and only love was my sister. A great woman who died a tragic death. A short story of a questionable relationship.

Slave to the 44

After experiencing humiliation and betrayal at the hands of their partners, ballroom dancing champions Kenshin, Aoshi and Sano abandon competition and work as dance instructors. The entrance of 3 new students will change their views on dancing forever.

(Despite what you might be thinking, the whole dancing thing isn't really all that gay xD Well, if you imagine Aoshi doing the foxtrot... eh... well stick in on the funny side ^^' ... OH! And a warning about Slave to the 44 --I was personally told by the author there would be smut in later chapters... ^^'' (Megumi, yelling in the background: SANO, you PERVERT!!! *angry noises of destruction* ....)

Regarding Brooms
FireBlade K'Chona

Saitou returns and drips on Tokio's clean floors. Tokio is holding a broom. Humor ensues.

Despite the Circumstances
sora wa kirei a.k.a. KKForeverFan

AU KK King Sagara of the Kasshin Kingdom assembled together a meeting of princes around the country to find a suitable husband for his sister. However, he hadn't expected her to fall in love with a mere soldier... or so they thought. AoMi SaMeg

Sanosuke: The Owner's Guide and Maintanence Manual
Hikari Hrair-rah

Just got yourself a SANOSUKE SAGARA and haven't a clue what to do with him? Answers to all your questions can be found right in here!

(I use this all the time XP)

Flight of the Bumblebee

Kenshin doesn't fear death, but there are some things worse than death. Specifically, fat striped bugs with wings. With the rurouni unable to fight, who will save the dojo from the invader? One-shot, rated for language.
Smooth Moves

SxM [COMPLETE] The school dance is coming up and Sano has no problem finding a date. All he has to do is turn on his smooth moves... or so he thinks. Getting beat up, running late to class, and even hitting on the wrong gender can cause problems.

(This is one of the BEST fics I have ever read xD I feel bad for any guy who's ever gone through anything like this just to get a date xD)